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late 80s

Bollywood is vast in representing its love for all topics of Display, is it MYTHOLOGY, COMEDY, THRILLER, HORROR, ROM-COM, ROMANCE, MYSTERY, HORROR COMEDY, FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION, HISTORY, DARK COMEDY. Many Actors and Actresses have displayed their talents on the screen for about 107 years (Starting from 1913). There has been a change of actors and the sort of Roles they play, and even the type of story line, genres and acting chosen by the various artists of a film, and according to what I’ve noticed it has changed after every ten years, sometimes change can be seen even during the ending years of a decade.(I have put this paragraph in every one of the Submenu for the people wala section)

Aniruddha Chandorkar

Straight from my heart......


Long Live LP Music


Call it Indian film and treat it seriously!


I watch obscure (often bad) movies so you don't have to

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